You may have been to an event we have work in without even knowing we were there. We are not just a truck with technicians and materials. We think, design and bring each event to life. Among the entire team, we have more than 170 years of experience, and we put all that knowledge at the service of your needs and dreams.

Illumination lights the path and music
provides the force to walk


At SCLAT we take the events we do very seriously, and we do many. We all plan them with the same affection, the same care and the same professionalism. Because we love our work. Our goal is to achieve a quality, spectacular and professional point, always according to your budget. Let's bring your idea to life in the best way.

The world is for those who have
big dreams

Events in a year
Cord meters lenght used in a month
Kilos transported in a month


COVID-19 PROTOCOL - All our services and equipment fulfill the sanitary measures
necessary to guarantee your safety and ours.


We help you from the first minute. Creation, design, logistics, assembly, coordination... Leave it in our hands.
You just tell us your idea.


You already have everything ready, but you need to create that ambiance, build that magic space, generate a unique sensation... Tell us no more.


It is not always a question of volume. Neither price. Sometimes it is the space where you are. You have to know how to find the exact point for the best sound quality.

TV set

Maybe what you need now is to stream your presentations. Get there where you cannot physically access. With professional quality, of course. Do you want to know more?

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Rent Equipment

If you prefer to do it your own way and you only need the equipment, here we are. Top brands, quality and rigorous maintenance. That is the key.


You may just want our advice or support or guidance to develope your idea. Do you need a professional team?
You can count on us.

Our 20 years of experience are the best teacher ever


Technology at your company service